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The Mediterranean Diet by Nonna Angelina
Request certificates
You have the possibility to request: birth, marriage and death certificate of your ancestors to the Italian Town of their origin.
We put at your disposal 10 years of experience.
The service includes
  • Send a formal request to the Italian Towns;
  • Follow up request;
  • We guarantee and answer within 60 days of the request;
  • Maximum 5 requests
  • This service is only for TIH Club member

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Italian Emigrant Database
Enter Italian emigrant information, then click Search.
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The Italian emigrants database was created to give useful information for the research of its own origins to the children and grandchildren of the emigrants of the beginning of the last century.
All data was provided by the Italian town halls.
If an Italian emigrant descendent would like to modify, rectify, or cancel the information please contact
The database is constantly being updated, if you did not find your Italian ancestor please try again in a couple of months.

Italian Town Database
Being aware that the bind that connects us to our home land is strong, we have created a database, where you can find information on your home town in order to better know the country of your ancestors.
All the Italian towns that are linked are the town halls that have furnished the emigrants database.

Click here in order to list the towns here that have already linked.

Italian Town: 

Emigrants, Italian Surnames
Different surnames in our database: 2586
33 emigrants have the surname: Nicocia